3D Printing & Design Services

We provide 3D printing and design services

Scout Design & Manufacturing (SDM) 3D printing uses both the FDM (filament based) and SLA (resin based) printers. We also have 30+ years of product design experience to help you model your ideas. We can print single prototype parts up to low volume production runs.

FormLabs Resin Printer (high detail)
Large Filament printer (24"x 24" x 24" print volume)

Scout 3D printing

We continue to grow and add more capability. We now have 3 resin printers and just added a large format 24” cube print volume Gigabot filament printer.

Scout Design & MFG

We are ready to support your design project. We have years of experience in engineering and design. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

SDM 3D Printers

3 FormLabs, Form 2, SLA Resin printers

1 Gigabot 3, Filament printer (large print volume)

1 Artemis 300, large scale printer

3 Rostock max delta printers (upgraded)

Mechanical Design and Modeling

SDM has experience with 3D mechanical product design, we use ProEngineer CAD software and can input/output models in many file formats. We can help complete or change existing CAD models as well as design from ideas and concepts.

See the Design Services page for more information on our modeling capabilities.

From simple to complex 3D printing and design services.

Pricing and Quoting.

Tell us what you need: Send email with material option, quantity, color, shipping/pickup, etc.
Preferred file formats: STL, OBJ, STP, IGS