Mendelmax 2

Mandel Max 2 3D PrinterSDM has two Mendelmax 2 FDM (filament type) printers. These are our workhorse printers. They have large print beds and work fast to create great quality 3d prints. One of these printers is enclosed in a chamber to control the printing environment so that materials like ABS and Nylon can be printed without warping. These printers are capable of printing a wide variety of materials.

Tech Specs
Print Area Dimensions: X220 mm x Y280 mm x Z250 mm

Print Volume: 16042.5 cm3

Printer Dimensions: 450 mm x 340 mm x 460mm

Layer Height: 100 – 400 micron, user selectable. Lower layer heights are also possible with more advanced tuning.

X & Y Axis Resolution: 0.0125 mm (12.5 Micron)

Heated Bed: 24V 220W Heated Bed included

Hotend: .4 mm E3D All Metal Hot End

These printers use 3.00mm diameter filament and can print many types of material such as; PLA, ABS, PETG, XT, nGEN, flexible, TPE, TPU, TPC, HIPS, PVA, wood, Nylon, PET, carbon fiber, metal, PC Polycarbonate, conductive, ASA, PP, PETT, POM, glow-in-the-dark, wax, PMMA, PC/ABS, cleaning, magnetic, sandstone & color changing filament. We have most of the primary colors available in PLA and ABS and can order in most other material types and colors in a day or two.