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  • SDM has experience with 3D mechanical product design. We use ProEngineer CAD software and can input/output models in many file formats. We can help complete or change existing CAD models as well as design from ideas and concepts.

    WE DO:

    Conceptual Design
    - Concept Modeling lets you quickly develop and communicate new ideas. 3D printed concept models are the ideal tools for communicating designs to colleagues and clients.

    Product Design
    - We produce functional prototypes in production-grade materials that are extremely realistic. Our functional prototypes allow you to quickly test the fit, form, and function of new products prior to manufacturing.

    Solid Modeling
    - We provide 3D solid modeling services if your just looking for a completed 3D model.

    Detail Drafting
    - Detail drafting services are available if accurate mechanical drawings are required.

    Scout Design and MFG utilizes all the latest 3D CAD software’s for product design and development.


    Email us a short description of your project along with any sketches, photo references, dimensions, similar 3D Model files, etc.

    We will follow-up with questions to clarify your project.

    Please inform us of any project deadlines so that we may be aware of your schedule needs.