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  • 3D Printing Services

    Affordable 3D Printing Services

  • We provide 3D printing and design services

    Scout Design & Manufacturing (SDM) 3D printing uses both the FDM (filament based) and SLA (resin based) printers. We also have 30+ years of product design experience to help you model your ideas. We can print single prototype parts up to low volume production runs.

  • Our History

    We started 3D printing about five years ago. We have grown with the industry buy improving our printing technique and our equipment. We have upgraded our FDM printers and added new wash and curing stations for our SLA printing. The availability of materials and the decreasing price of hardware means that 3D printing services are a great source for your development needs.

  • The Benefits of 3D Printing

    Thanks to 3D printing, an individual can easily benefit from the reduced cost of production via 3D printing solutions, something that was previously only an option for larger companies that could afford to buy their own 3D printers. Among the many positive aspects that 3D printing brings to the table are reduced lead times, decreased production costs, optimized iterations and maximized profits.

  • SDM 3D Printers

    2 Formlabs SLA resin printers

    1 Artemis 300 large scale Delta printer

    2 Rostock V2 max Delta printer (upgraded to 32 bit Duet controller)

    See the menu above for detailed information about each printer and their capabilities.

  • Mechanical Design and Modeling

    SDM has experience with 3D mechanical product design, we use ProEngineer CAD software and can input/output models in many file formats. We can help complete or change existing CAD models as well as design from ideas and concepts.

    See the Design Services page for more information on our modeling capabilities.